The Rapaport’s | Resident Love Story

Mary Alice Neal & Stanley Rapaport

After a long life of difficult seasons and challenging marriages, Mary Alice Neal moved from her home if Florida in December 1999 to Colorado Springs. She knew no one but her son, so she started participating at the local Senior Center and got involved with the “senior singles” group. There was “… a guy rovin’ around with two cameras” who was always there taking pictures. His name was Stanley Rapaport. They became acquainted after several picnics and activities they were both involved in. About a year after meeting, Christmas time was drawing near and Mary Alice was invited to a Magnisight’s Christmas Party, associated with her blind son’s business. Mary Alice’s granddaughter agreed to go with her as her guest, but two days before the party her granddaughter met a handsome soldier who asked her to accompany him on a date the very same night as the Christmas party. Mary Alice graciously agreed to let her granddaughter go on the date instead of going to the party with her, but suddenly she found herself without a dinner guest. In that moment her thoughts went to Stanley. In recent past he had given her a book about Macular Degeneration an had known quite a bit on the subject. Since Mary Alice’s son was blind, she thought Stanley would enjoy meeting him and finding out about the company he had created. She asked him if he’s like to go, and his response was, “Sure, I’m up for a free meal any day!” So they went to the party together, had a wonderful time, and ended up kissing goodnight when the party was over. Stanley left shortly after for Switzerland to visit his daughter. He returned on New Year’s Eve, and upon this arrival he went by Mary Alice’s house and secretly dropped off gifts he had purchased for her in Switzerland. He’d placed them in her Royal Crest Dairy box that was sitting outside her home. He called later and left a message on her phone saying there was “… a bottle of champagne and a loaf of bread having a party in her milk box.” She called him back the next day and asked if he’d like to join her to share it with her. They began dating, and they continued to date for a number of years.

All the while, Stanley had been going to Bible study at the Navigators. As a self-proclaimed Jew, he had never really lived a Christian life, but went to the Bible study because of the men who were part of it. They were all believers, and so full of warmth and love. They lead such happy lives and he wanted to be a part of that. He always left those Bible studies feeling better. For twelve years, the men of the Bible study had prayed over Stanley, hoping one day he would become a believer and find the joy that they had found. On May 25, 2010 while Stanley was at a physical therapy appointment, the therapist asked a simple question. “So Stanley, what are you?” The words instantly flowed from his mouth, “I’m a Christian!” In that moment, he realized that “… love is really the basis of life.” It occurred to him that Jesus was love and love is what life was really all about. Neither Stanley nor Mary Alice had thought about marriage again. But on that day, Stanley left that therapy appointment and went straight to Mary Alice and said, “We need to get married!” The very next day they applied for their marriage license and went to JC Penny’s to buy wedding rings… and wouldn’t you know it, they were on sale for half off! They also called their friend who was part of Stanley’s Navigators Bible study and asked if he would marry them. He was in Africa at the time, but he flew home the very next day and married them at 5:00pm in the afternoon at his home. A few of their Bible study colleges were there as witnesses, and the wife of the house threw a small reception with a cake and champagne.

Mary Alice and Stanley lived 4 years in the house that Stanley built on the top of Eagle Mountain at 9,000 feet overlooking Manitou Springs. They moved to Winslow Court in October 2014. To this day, they tell everyone they meet that they are newlyweds. “I’ve never laughed so much in my life as I have since I met him,” says Mary Alice about Stanley. “Mischievous,” is the word she says most describes him. After the trials she endured in previous marriages, being able to laugh is so important to her. When asked what Mary Alice means to Stanley, he responded, “She has fulfilled my life. She is everything to me, she makes my life complete.”



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