Roy & Bea Papke | Resident Love Story

Roy lived on a gentleman’s farm with his parents outside of Waukesha, Wisconsin after leaving the Navy.  He got a job as a window dresser in a dept. store in Waukesha.

At this time Bea graduated from high school and went to Carroll College in Waukesha.  She needed to find a job and she went the Enterprise Dept.  Store.  Roy was the manager of that store, and hired Bea as a clerk.  This was in 1947.  Most of the clerks were old maids and later found out they told Roy he ought to ask me out.  Well he was a confirmed bachelor, which I did not know.  Anyway he did ask me out but I had to work him into my calendar as I was already going steady with a fellow student named Dave.

On our first date we went to a Green bay Packer football game and I really enjoyed it and also enjoyed being with Roy.  He was a very good man and made me feel good about myself.  His parents were wonderful down to earth people and they knew my grandparents and we all went to the same Lutheran Church in Waukesha.  We dated quite a bit and it was great working with him!

I went to collage for a year and then he asked me to marry him.  My parents weren’t too happy as he was 8 years older than I was but he was good to me.  I loved him so much and said YES!  February 14, 1949 I was given my diamond because my parents insisted that I was 20 before we got married.  We set our wedding date as May 25, 1949.

It was a beautiful day and we left the reception and drove to Chicago, IL and started our honeymoon.  We went to Spring Mill State Park where we had our own cabin.  We did a lot of sightseeing and had a wonderful honeymoon.

After we joined the LDS church we went to Salt Lake City, UT and we were sealed together for time and all eternity.  We had 4 children and they were sealed to us also.  It’s wonderful to know we will be together again forever!  LOVE IS WONDERFUL!

The Rapaport’s | Resident Love Story

Mary Alice Neal & Stanley Rapaport

After a long life of difficult seasons and challenging marriages, Mary Alice Neal moved from her home if Florida in December 1999 to Colorado Springs. She knew no one but her son, so she started participating at the local Senior Center and got involved with the “senior singles” group. There was “… a guy rovin’ around with two cameras” who was always there taking pictures. His name was Stanley Rapaport. They became acquainted after several picnics and activities they were both involved in. About a year after meeting, Christmas time was drawing near and Mary Alice was invited to a Magnisight’s Christmas Party, associated with her blind son’s business. Mary Alice’s granddaughter agreed to go with her as her guest, but two days before the party her granddaughter met a handsome soldier who asked her to accompany him on a date the very same night as the Christmas party. Mary Alice graciously agreed to let her granddaughter go on the date instead of going to the party with her, but suddenly she found herself without a dinner guest. In that moment her thoughts went to Stanley. In recent past he had given her a book about Macular Degeneration an had known quite a bit on the subject. Since Mary Alice’s son was blind, she thought Stanley would enjoy meeting him and finding out about the company he had created. She asked him if he’s like to go, and his response was, “Sure, I’m up for a free meal any day!” So they went to the party together, had a wonderful time, and ended up kissing goodnight when the party was over. Stanley left shortly after for Switzerland to visit his daughter. He returned on New Year’s Eve, and upon this arrival he went by Mary Alice’s house and secretly dropped off gifts he had purchased for her in Switzerland. He’d placed them in her Royal Crest Dairy box that was sitting outside her home. He called later and left a message on her phone saying there was “… a bottle of champagne and a loaf of bread having a party in her milk box.” She called him back the next day and asked if he’d like to join her to share it with her. They began dating, and they continued to date for a number of years.

All the while, Stanley had been going to Bible study at the Navigators. As a self-proclaimed Jew, he had never really lived a Christian life, but went to the Bible study because of the men who were part of it. They were all believers, and so full of warmth and love. They lead such happy lives and he wanted to be a part of that. He always left those Bible studies feeling better. For twelve years, the men of the Bible study had prayed over Stanley, hoping one day he would become a believer and find the joy that they had found. On May 25, 2010 while Stanley was at a physical therapy appointment, the therapist asked a simple question. “So Stanley, what are you?” The words instantly flowed from his mouth, “I’m a Christian!” In that moment, he realized that “… love is really the basis of life.” It occurred to him that Jesus was love and love is what life was really all about. Neither Stanley nor Mary Alice had thought about marriage again. But on that day, Stanley left that therapy appointment and went straight to Mary Alice and said, “We need to get married!” The very next day they applied for their marriage license and went to JC Penny’s to buy wedding rings… and wouldn’t you know it, they were on sale for half off! They also called their friend who was part of Stanley’s Navigators Bible study and asked if he would marry them. He was in Africa at the time, but he flew home the very next day and married them at 5:00pm in the afternoon at his home. A few of their Bible study colleges were there as witnesses, and the wife of the house threw a small reception with a cake and champagne.

Mary Alice and Stanley lived 4 years in the house that Stanley built on the top of Eagle Mountain at 9,000 feet overlooking Manitou Springs. They moved to Winslow Court in October 2014. To this day, they tell everyone they meet that they are newlyweds. “I’ve never laughed so much in my life as I have since I met him,” says Mary Alice about Stanley. “Mischievous,” is the word she says most describes him. After the trials she endured in previous marriages, being able to laugh is so important to her. When asked what Mary Alice means to Stanley, he responded, “She has fulfilled my life. She is everything to me, she makes my life complete.”



The Canfield’s | Resident Love Story

In 1974, a middle-aged Minnesota man moved out to Arizona and much to his surprise Arizona is where he would find the love of his life, Phyllis. Five years after moving to Arizona, David and Phyllis both happened to be working at Motorolla and met fairly briefly through a mutual friend. That year as the spring flowers started to bloom and the trees came back to life, the Canfield love story began. Now if you ask Phyllis she’ll insist that she was the one who asked David to Easter service that Sunday in 1979, but it was really David who asked Phyllis, which sparked the start of a love story you only read about in books.  Two wonderful years later, David and Phyllis knew they were meant to be together, so like most people in love they got married and have been ever since. Over time, they’ve been on six cruises together, fulfilling Phyllis’ desire to travel and see the world. Who would’ve thought that at age 37, David would fall in love with Nebraska-born Phyllis. Currently going on 34 years of marriage, David said it’s been not only unforgettable and amazing marriage, but most of all he couldn’t see himself spending his life with anybody else. To this day, they still go to church every Sunday bringing back wonderful memories every single time. Since moving to Olive Grove about a year ago, the Canfields also go to bingo three times a week and try to keep up the active lifestyle they’ve always had together. Seeing everything that these two still do together you would never believe that they’re 81 and 93 years old.  Their sense of humor and unbreakable love for each other truly keeps them going every day.

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The Hendricksen’s | Resident Love Story

Year 1965

Characters:    Gene age: 40      Louise age: 40

Heaving a sigh, Louise trudged down Hillman Clinic’s long hall, locked the glass front door, and hung up the CLOSED sign. As she reached into the closet to grab her coat, a shabby green van screeched to a stop in the parking lot. Gritting her teeth, she turned to stare as a bewhiskered man tumbled out and tugged at the door latch.

“No! Dang it!” she muttered running her fingers through her short-cut hair.

He rapped on the glass.

Frowning, she moved to the door and pointed to the CLOSED sign. Patients with stomach flu had jammed the clinic from the instant they’d opened that morning. Her back ached, her feet hurt.

His brown eyes watering, he flattened his red nose to the glass and formed cracked lips into a painful looking P..U..L..E..E..Z..E. Then…. clutched his stomach with one hand and his head with the other.

“Wouldn’t you know it?, she thought. Tonight, of all nights. When she’d finally decided to go out on a date.” She blew out a noisy breath, glanced down the hall, saw that one of the doctors still stood at the dictation station. Sighed… and opened the door.


Louise hurried in from her lunch break, draped her stethoscope around her neck, snatched a chart from the rack, dashed into room #3, caught sight of the patient, shook her head and glanced at the chart she held. “S-sorry,” she stammered. “I-I think I have the wrong chart.”

The man grinned. “Gene Hendricksen…. Right?”

“Yes, but…” She took in his tailored suit, white shirt, and… and his clean shaven face! Lord a mighty! Wavy hair too! My God! The guy was drop dead handsome. She drew a deep breath. “Wow! You… going to a funeral?”

He laughed. “I’m on jury duty.” He peered at her name tag. “So you’re the famous, Mrs. ‘B’.”

She flushed. “Famous?” Who said I was famous?”

He shrugged. “My ex-wife’s sister… I think.”

‘Ex-wife’! The words thundered in her ears as she took his blood pressure. “I…I’m not famous and…” Perspiration wet her forehead. “and  haven’t been a-a- “Mrs” for over a year, now I’m trying to teach the patients to call me, ‘Louise’ instead.”

“Lou…eese,” He murmured in a soft tone that sent prickles along her skin. “I like that.” He cleared his throat, squirmed in his chair. “You have any idea what people around here do for entertainment?”

She recalled the boring hours she’d  spent in the Cloud 9 Bar & Grill on her date three weeks ago. Did she dare suggest-? Her hand shaking, she scrawled his blood pressure in his chard, popped a thermometer in his mouth, and dashed out to the lab.

Mentally choosing and rejecting places for the patient to try, she arranged the Allergy Kit that Dr. Lee had requested on a tray and rushed back to Room three. When she opened the door and spied the patient’s pained expression, her cheeks blazed.

Good God! She’d forgotten to remove the thermometer. Mumbling, “I’m sorry,” she snatched the dratted thing from his pursed lips and asked him to remove his shirt. Her face burned hotter when he widened his eyes.

She swiped a hand over her face. “sorry, thought you knew-. Apparently, Doctor thinks you may have an allergy.” The seething turmoil in her mind overflowed and she blurted- “Do you like sports?”

Shirt in hand, he started at her with a startled expression. “Sp-sports?”

She caught the dangling piece of clothing before it hit the floor. “Football, base ball, that kinda stuff.” She pointed to his undershirt. “That too.”

“Watch ’em on TV once in a…Awhile-.” He eyed the vials on the tray she’d set down on the counter. “What’s that?”

“Doctor plans on doing a ‘Patch Test’ on your back.”

Mouthing “Patch Test,” He handed her his undershirt. “Hope it cures whatever I’ve got. I moved in with my mother a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been itching ever since.”

“That’s the pits.” she murmured reluctantly pulling her gaze away from his muscular body. “How… how…about dancing?

Never learned how,” he said, his gaze glued to the hypodermic syringe.

Her heart gave a joyous thump. “I hear the Seattle YMCA is starting classes in Western Swing at the YMCA this coming Friday.”

“Really?” He pawed his back pocket, pulled out a handkerchief and pressed it against the beads of perspiration on his lip. “That hurt much?” he asked, jerking his head toward the tray.

“Nah, not much. Dr. Lee will just prick your skin, place a drop of irritant opening, wait a bit and check to see if you’ve developed a rash.”

Gene blew out his breath. “Sure do hope it works.” Mopping his face with his handkerchief, he looked up at her, flashed a smile that melted her bones and asked, “You going?”

She swallowed hard. “Thought  I might.”


After dancing to the Tennessee Waltz every Friday night for six weeks, the couple left the group, got married and continued dancing regularly for twenty years. Then, they took up rock hounding and lapidary for twenty or thirty years. Finally, as they grew older, they branched out into vegetable and flower gardening.

February 19, 2015 at age 91 they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

The Webster’s | Resident Love Story

Claude and Medora Webster’s Love Story

December 1st, 1940 I came out of the 1st Ward Church in Shelley Idaho. In a car there were three young men. My girlfriend’s boyfriend was one of them. Claude was the only one that had a car. We met, we had Sunday school in the morning and Sacrament in the evening. We all went to church that evening. After the meeting we took a ride to Presto Hill south of Shelley. So my song is I found my thrill on Presto Hill. He put his arms around me, he gave me a thrill I had never felt before. I felt sparks in every part of my body. That night when I got home I told my sister I was going to marry that boy. My sister said I did not even know him.

In the month of December we went to a show, played in the snow, after that I did not see him for a while. He went into the C.C.C. (Civilian Conservation Corps) and was stationed in Riggins ID.

In 1942 I graduated from high school and was getting ready to move to Salt Lake City, UT to live with my sister. I saw Claude mother in a store in Idaho Falls. She told me Claude would be in Fort Douglas on September 2.

I moved to Salt Lake City and was working in the L.D.S. Hospital. My dad came to visit my sister and me. We went home from the hospital where I worked and stopped at a music store and dad got us a radio. We got home and first thing plugged in the radio. It said Fort Douglas Webster papers were in the office. I went to my friend’s house to use the phone. I called Fort Douglas an asked if they had Claude Webster. They said yes and he is right here.

Claude and I talked and then I went to visit him three times. We had a date set for Friday night but he was drafted into the Army and shipped out for basic training in Norfolk Virginia.

I listened to the radio all the time and never again heard an announcement about someone’s papers being received in the office. It was so curious that I heard his announcement. I always say it was a sign we were meant to be together.

Claude came home for Thanksgiving and I came to Idaho Falls on the train. We spent the day together up at his uncle’s place in Idaho Falls. When I returned to Salt Lake City, he went to the base and was shipped out to Alaska. That was in 1943. When he came back to the states, we married at the court house by a justice of the peace on   March 22, 1945 in Petersburg VA.

We lived together from 1945-Feb 16, 2001 when he passed away. We have 7 children. We had a good life.

Claude drove the city bus, was a policeman, a bailiff, and he worked at the stock yard. I Medora worked at EIMAC in Salt Lake City making Radar Tubs.

The Godfrey’s | Resident Love Story

Blaine and Afton Godfrey met in high school when Blaine’s cousin decided he wanted to go on a double date with Blaine to celebrate his birthday. They decided on Afton and one of her friends. Blaine gave his cousin the choice of which one would be his date, and Blaine ended up with Afton. They hit it off skating that evening. Afton says Blaine was very smart on those skates, and she wasn’t, so she literally “fell for him” that night.

After high school Blaine joined the navy, and Afton faithfully waited for his return. He wrote to her regularly, even when he was delirious and suffering from Malaria. They were married soon after his return. They have now enjoyed 68 years of marriage and have a large prosperity of 100 if you count all their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. They are always together, and even wear color-coordinated clothes each day.


Godfrey's Photo

The Brechlin’s | Resident Love Story

Bill and I met at a Roller Skating Rink, in Duluth, Minnesota, in 1952. We were at the opposite end of the rink, and there was this tall, handsome man! I hoped he would ask me to skate. He did and we started courting. It was love at 1st sight!

We got married Oct 24, 1953, in Duluth, Minnesota. We have been happily married for 61 yrs. Bill is 84 yrs. old, and I am 81 yrs. old. Our years together have been eventful!

While Bill was in college he joined R.O.T.C (Air Force) Reserve Officer Training Corp. He told me they were having a “Military Ball”. He said, “we would go but I don’t know how to dance.” I told him, “I would teach him.” So we went to my mother and dad’s house and in their living room I taught him how to waltz and so the Charleston. We put on our best finery, and we went to the Military Ball. We had a great time!

We have enjoyed dancing ever since. From Minnesota we moved to Lewiston, Idaho with 2 children, Deborah and Robert. Bill got a job transfer to Lewiston, in 1980. We lived there over 20 years. We took up golf, and we enjoyed playing it very much!

Years later, we are back in Idaho, this time to Coeur d’ Alene. We love living here, and we have made many friends!

This is our love life story of being together for 61 years.

Brechlin's Pictures

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The Sapp’s | Resident Love Story

Happy 68th Wedding Anniversary!

They met over 70 years ago at Pier 91 near the Naval Supply Depot and Pikes Place Market in Seattle. A group of young people enjoying their leisure time away from school and their work duties. Beverly is with friends roller skating and Jim is taking a break from the ship yard where he was stationed. He took one look at Beverly and knew they were meant for each other. For Beverly, however, the process was a little slower…

Jim thought that Beverly was nutty when he first met her because of the crazy but wonderful stories she told him about her family, they made him love her even more. Her school girl thoughts were simple “He’s cute”.

Through the next two years the couple dated and month after month, Jim asked Beverly to marry him… she said no over and over. One day Jim teased Beverly, he said, “If you say ‘NO’ one more time I’m going to ask your sister!” Although she knew all along that she eventually would, Beverly finally said yes. They were married on Valentine’s Day in 1947 and had two beautiful children.

I asked the couple what was the secret to 68 years of marriage. They both replied talk things over, understand, when an issue comes up resolve it, then drop it and, don’t go to bed mad. It is amazing to see the love they have for each other with just a look. It is a look of love that portrays passion, dedication, respect and utter devotion to one another.

Sapp's - Resident Love Story

Sapp's - Resident Love Story 2