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ASHA has recently completed a new website as a resource to help educate prospects and their families on senior housing. You and your loved one will be able to find the information you need to make an educated decision. They have tons of resources at your disposal to read and look through.


About American Seniors Housing Association 

Here to help.
It’s hard to work through choices related to growing older, isn’t it? A shortage of facts, insights, action plans and clear-headedness makes it tough to figure out what changes are needed … when it’s the right time … and how to make changes actually happen. But when you find a rich resource of information and guidance? Well, that can make all the difference. And that’s why we’re here.

Use our knowledge.
We know senior living. For decades, we’ve helped seniors and their families navigate housing and lifestyle choices. We’ve listened. We’ve learned. And now we can help you, too. Want to make the best possible decisions for you and your family? You’re in the right place. Where You Live Matters is the resource to help you do that.

Our ASHA connection.
We’re backed by more than 400 members of ASHA, the American Seniors Housing Association. Organized in 2001, with many of our constituent senior living communities originating decades earlier, we’re proud to claim a longtime friendship with seniors and their families. All those communities represent thousands and thousands of family conversations about lifestyle choices, and that’s the knowledge base from which we draw in creating resources to help you in your search.

Unbiased, fact-based, time-tested information.
We aim to put the best of what we know into your hands. The decision we want you to make is the decision that’s right for you and your family. Your choices are many … we’re here to help you move from overwhelmed to empowered.


The Motivo Tour – A New Kind of Walker for Seniors

Jennifer Harris has co-founded Motivo: A company intent on revolutionizing the senior walker industry.  Truly, I’ve never seen anything like it!  Join me as Jennifer and I talk about how the Motivo Tour could change the lives of seniors everywhere.  Find them at motivolife.com.

Check out this podcast episode!

motivo tour

Rex Atkinson, Director of Maintenance – North Star- Above & Beyond


About two weeks ago I received a call from Becky Monday regarding what seemed to be wiring problems with the telephone system on the third floor of North Star’s independent living wing. The appropriate service was called and the problem, supposedly, was fixed.

Several days later, another problem arouse in that same wing when the fire alarm system seemed to malfunction creating “false alarms” for the same apartments that had phone line problems. Again, the appropriate service was called, the alarm panel was worked on and the problem, supposedly, was fixed.

A few more days passed and both Becky and Rex Atkinson, the trusty Director of Maintenance were on the phone. The problem had returned. False alarms continued to sound at the front desk and, given the possible seriousness of the problem, we decided to post a night person to regularly check what was actually happening.

The servicer said they would have to rewire the entire system, at least from the third floor section down to the panel – a process involving thousands of feet of wire and countless man hours – Think Expensive. They could not even guarantee that would solve the situation.

We decided to call another company to get, perhaps, a different view, but Rex had another idea. The next morning he came very early and crawled through the attic for over four hours, in the dark, hot, dusty, insulation for the attic hunting for the wires involved and trying to find any clue as to the continued false alarms.

Literally crawling on his hands and knees, digging through a couple feet of insulation, he slowly traced the lines until he came to a particularly warm area that became hotter the further he went. Finally finding the source of the problem – a hear lamp in a bathroom below had been left on continuously. Interestingly, the servicer’s proposed plan would not have solved the problem, as other wires would have ultimately been melted and a devastating fire was a distinct possibility.

By going ABOVE & BEYOND the call of duty, Rex was able to find the real problem, thereby saving us thousands of dollars, but also avert a sure catastrophic fire in the making.

Rex Atkinson, a leader of the Stellar’s team, willing to go ABOVE & BEYOND!