Assisted Living

Want to learn more about how to help your loved one make a smooth transition to assisted living or how to pick the perfect assisted living community? Click to read more articles about assisted living and how to make your assisted living neighborhood feel like home. See articles about the history of assisted living and a checklist for moving. It should not be hard let us help you make it easier.

Why Assisted Living Friendships Are Essential

If your loved one starts having trouble with everyday tasks, an assisted living community might be the best option for them. That being said, uprooting their life and moving them into a new home can be a challenging experience at first. To make this transition as easy as possible, you should encourage your loved one...

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The History Of Assisted Living In The United States

“Assisted living” is something you hear quite often when talking about aging and senior lifestyle. Therefore, it might come as a surprise to you that this concept is fairly new. The idea started in the 1970’s with the help of Dr. Keren Brown Wilson and her mother Jessie F. Richardson, who both felt that there...

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How To Pick Your Perfect Assisted Living Community

There will come a time when many senior citizens have to consider transitioning into a facility that provides help with daily living, but does not require the high level of medical care provided by nursing homes. With on-site, full-time staff and many individualized services available, the aging population has begun to discover to benefits of...

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How Caregivers Can Smooth The Transition To Assisted Living

The transition to assisted living is hard on the whole family, but the move from one home to another is also an opportunity to live in a refreshingly new environment. An assisted living facility offers the comforts of home with the added benefit of a built-in community. While the actual move can, at times feel...

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18 Assisted Living Activities You’ll Love To Do Every Week

When choosing an assisted living facility, it’s really important (and fun) to check out the available activities offered. First, you should make sure they have a wide variety of programs that you or your family member will enjoy. Then, plan your visit on a day when the activity is scheduled so you can sit in...

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Your Free Assisted Living Checklist For Quick & Easy Moving

Moving into an assisted living community gives you access to many great perks including medical care and social events. While this can be a fun and exciting time, it can also be overwhelming if you are not well prepared. Make moving in quick and easy by following this 8-step assisted living checklist. 8-Step Assisted Living Checklist:...

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