How To Pick Your Perfect Assisted Living Community

There will come a time when many senior citizens have to consider transitioning into a facility that provides help with daily living, but does not require the high level of medical care provided by nursing homes. With on-site, full-time staff and many individualized services available, the aging population has begun to discover to benefits of assisted living. When it is no longer safe for a senior to live alone, an assisted living facility is an excellent housing option. The big question: how to pick the perfect assisted living community?

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About Assisted Living Communities

assisted living communityAssisted living facilities typically provide nursing services, housekeeping, meals, assistance with medications and recreational activities. Staff is available 24 hours a day, with most offering nursing services. Many facilities offer a variety of social activities, with transportation provided for off-site activities.

Each community offers different amenities and may be comprised of single rooms or private apartments. Assisted living communities allow for independence, but provide for a safer environment for those who need some level of custodial care. In order to create a more comfortable living space, residents can bring items from home and decorate their apartment to suit their tastes.

Consider the following when researching the right assisted living facility for your loved one:

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Senior Living Community:

Assisted Living Staff Questions

  • Do they conduct themselves in a professional manner?
  • Do they interact with the residents in a calm and friendly manner?
  • Are they open and welcoming to questions and suggestions?
  • Can they answer questions competently?

Resident Questions

  • Do they seem content?
  • Do they look well taken care of?
  • Is there socializing going on among the residents?
  • Is the overall atmosphere one of happiness or sadness?

General Facility Questions

  • Is it clean and in good condition?
  • Are the exits clearly marked?
  • Is there non-slip flooring?
  • Is the building secure?
  • Are there any unusual building odors?
  • Are there heating and/or cooling issues?

Resident Need Questions

  • Is there a plan for individualized care for each resident?
  • Is there an assessment process for meeting a resident’s needs?
  • Is there the cooperative communication between the resident, family, staff, and the resident’s physician?
  • Is there a sense of commitment to meeting resident’s needs?

Financial Questions & Concerns

  • What is the policy regarding refunds and contract termination?
  • What programs are available for financial aid assistance for covering costs of assisted living?
  • Is the facility transparent with all costs associated with residing in assisted living?
  • Are there any “hidden” fees outside of the contract?
  • Has the facility ever filed for bankruptcy of been involved in litigation?

Health & Medical Care FAQ

  • Are medications securely stored and dispensed?
  • What is the policy regarding medication records?
  • Does the facility assist in coordinating visits with therapists or home care nurses?
  • Is there an on-site nurse or physician?
  • What is the facility’s policy on medical emergency response?

Questions About Building Services

  • What services are available at the facility?
  • Is transportation provided for off-site appointments or activities?
  • Is there a 24-hour emergency response system in place?
  • Is housekeeping included?

Meal Service FAQ

  • How often does the menu change?
  • Is there a variety of meals available?
  • Are snacks included?
  • Can residents and visitors bring outside food into the facility?
  • Can the facility accommodate those residents with special food restrictions or requests?

Activity Information

  • What social and recreational activities are available?
  • How often do they offer activities for residents?
  • Can visitors participate in the activities?

There are many factors to consider when choosing an assisted living community. Talk to your loved one to determine what their needs and wants are for their new living situation. At first, there may be some reservations about moving into assisted living. Look for a facility that provides a safe and secure environment, along with a sense of autonomy for residents and you and your loved one will have peace of mind when the times comes to transition to assisted living.

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