Your Free Assisted Living Checklist For Quick & Easy Moving

Moving into an assisted living community gives you access to many great perks including medical care and social events. While this can be a fun and exciting time, it can also be overwhelming if you are not well prepared. Make moving in quick and easy by following this 8-step assisted living checklist.

8-Step Assisted Living Checklist: assisted-living-checklist

1 – Visit Your New Residence

While visiting make sure you get a lay of the land. See the different amenities and room layout-including square footage of your living space and closet sizes. Bring a loves one to help you and ask any questions you might have. Also be sure to see what items are included with your home and what you will need to bring with you. Before your tour ends speak to the staff about recommendations on what to bring. This will help with the transition into your new home.

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2 – Pack Prior to Your Move In Date

After you have visited your new space and you have the floor plan, begin to pack. Make sure you are bringing what is necessary. Sort through your clothes, toiletries, shoes and accessories to avoid over packing. You want to make sure you are comfortable but excess items can create crowding and an unnecessary burden when getting settled.

3 – Establish Your New Routine

Settling into your new home will be an adjustment. It can take a few months to begin to feel at home. Check our social events, make friends with neighbors, meet the staff and explore the grounds. This time period can feel sad at times but you will have people around you and staff that is happy to help.

4 – If You Need Help Ask

Meet the staff and start to make connections with the ones you feel at ease with. If you have questions or are uncertain about anything we are happy to help whether you need support, assistance or someone to talk with.

Stellar-living-assisted-living-checklist5 – Bring Trinket, Photos and Memories

You want to feel at home in your new  space. Bring trinkets, photographs, artwork from grandchildren or any other sentimental items that bring warmth to your home. your neighbors and the staff will love to hear stories and learn about your loved ones and treasures.

6 – Be Social

Make friends with neighbors walking past you in the hallway or at the dining hall. Sign up for events posted in  the common areas. Choose a few things you are interested in and you will be happy to see the types of  connections you can make. Having friends will keep your spirits up if you feel sad.

7 – Stay Connected to Family and Friends

As you are adjusting you will want to see your family and friends. Try to plan visits where they can see your new home and help you get settled. Give family your address so they can write you. While family means the world to you, try not to let family be the forefront of your new  experience . Learn about your new surroundings and make connections with others. Being shy is common in a new space, however, everyone was once new to this experience. Your center will help you by supportive and understanding. There is no need to feel uneasy during your transition.

8 – Don’t Forget to Enjoy Your New Home

If you have any issues, never hesitate to ask a staff member for help, ask questions, relay concerns, and get settled. Your community is there to help!

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