5 Family-Friendly Independent Living Activities To Try Now

It doesn’t matter if you walk down the street or fly across the entire world to visit someone you love in an independent living community… it will likely be difficult for both of you to adjust to this new environment. This is a tricky transition for everyone involved, and it’s common for family dynamics to change in the process. This is normal. Here are a few ideas for things you can do to stay in touch with your loved one, even if you live far away.

5 Independent Living Activities For the Family:

1 – Schedule a time to talk every week

You may not always be able to visit your loved one in person, but you should try and make time for phone calls. Hearing their voice over the phone can lighten your mood after a tough day. Chat about some of your favorite memories with them or discuss happenings in your life. Also make sure they know you are there for them in case of emergency, and even if they just want to chat.

2 – Watch a show together, or listen to your favorite music

Watch TV and listening to music are great independent living activitiesindependent living activities for the whole family, even if you’re miles away. Watch a game show and try to predict who might win or what personalities you relate to most. Try putting on an old CD or record, and you might be surprised to see a long lost memory spark into their mind. Either way, this can be a soothing activity for everyone.

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3 – Have a lunch or dinner date

Next time you visit your senior, have them take you to the dining area. They will love having you as a guest, and they might even show you off to all their friends. You may also want to surprise them, and stop by for dinner toting their favorite meal. Either way, eating together is one of the most natural ways to connect with another human being. This is also true of people living in assisted living facilities.

4 – Find activities you both enjoy

Most senior communities will offer a wide variety of independent living activities, so there’s bound to be something the family would enjoy together. At Stellar, we welcome friends and family to join our residents for any of our activities. But, if you aren’t up for a cookie social or yoga class, you can always bring your own activity to do with your loved one.

5 – Redecorate together

You can personalize your seniors living space– pick up supplies on the way over, and make a day out of helping them decorate. You can also bring family heirlooms, or something else that might spark conversation, helping to keep the family connection strong. Your loved one will be so excited to tell staff and visitors about where the items came from and the memory of decorating their space.

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