Assisted Living Conversation Starters For Caregivers

Your parents have been there for you through the hiccups and triumphs throughout your entire life. You have gone to them for help and guidance for concerns both big and small. Is it time to switch roles and consider doing the same for them? The conversation may be uncomfortable however it is inevitable, your parent is getting older and senior living might be the best option for them. It’s best to start the conversation early when you two can have a sound conversation before health complications come up and it becomes more of a rushed effort. This can come as a shock for your entire family if you wait until it is too late. At Stellar, we want to dedicate our resources to you to help you begin the conversation with your aging parent. Let us help you prepare for life’s new chapter.

8 Ways To Start The Assisted Living Conversation

1 – Let Conversation Be A Gift

Start talking to your loved one about how they see the rest of their life going. Do they wish to age in place or stay at the home you’ve had since you were born? Aging is not an easy discussion to have with your parent but it is important to start the dialogue about what if scenarios such as health deteriorating or needing additional assistance with daily routines. Acceptance might not come easy to you or your loved one that help might be needed with chores, hygiene, health, walking or eating. Independent living facilities can be a great transition before needing the additional assistance that assisted living and rehabilitation centers offer.

It is more common for the conversation to be overlooked and senior living facilities become necessary instead of though out. If you take the time to hold a sound conversation about the benefits, location, cost and perks you and your loved one can determine what you what in a home. Don’t let a major health scare bring you home and make a quick decision on moving them to a senior home. Instead, take your time and show your parents you care about their well being and lifestyle while planning the steps together.

2 – Planning For The Future

assisted living conversation startersChances are your parents are already starting to see the reality of aging in one way or another. Tasks that were once simple are now becoming more challenging and at times they might become frustrated with their aging mind or body. They might be slowing down or forgetting routine tasks. A friend, neighbor or family member might have experienced a struggle which lead to moving into a home. You are doing everyone a favor by having the conversation early and checking in to see how your loved one is doing.

3 – Start Your Conversations Slow And Casually

Write down important questions or concerns you and your aging parent are having. This makes it easy for you to reference should a health concern pop up. By planning ahead you can better predict where your loved one will be and have ideas of the level of care they are needing.

4 – Understand That You Do Not Need All Of The Answers Today

You all are starting the discussion and coming to terms with the fact that your loved one is aging. Instead of parenting your mom and/or dad partner with them to reach a common ground that can make each of you comfortable. Learn together about different types of care and facilities to avoid being the expert or know it all. You can also start the research when you feel it would be a good time to start discussing living options for your loved one. Take notes and highlight features you find important or that your loved one might enjoy (not doing yard work is a huge perk).

5 – Choosing An Appropriate Time To Talk

Make sure that you and your loved one are uninterrupted and have time to get into discussion. Try to find a time when there isn’t an upcoming appointment or errand that needs to be made. Consider having your children with a babysitter or neighbor and be in a space that is free from distractions. Take a walk around the park, go to a coffee shop or find a spot that is neutral for an open conversation so you can both feel relaxed and safe.

6 – Consider Empathy and Putting Yourself In Their Shoes

It might catch them off guard if you bring it up without any context. Check in and see how they are feeling. Collaborating with other loved ones to discuss the idea of senior living allows for more input and can alleviate some of the stress of doing the homework alone. You can always start the discussion by mentioning your own health or concerns with insurance or maintenance of your yard.

7 – Don’t Be Afraid To Start The Conversation Today

While you and your loved ones are healthy start the conversation. Keep things casual and convey your love for them before crisis hits. Be mindful of their requests and be sure to write things down. Keep an open ear and an open heart while discussing different options and locations and be sure to seek help when needed.

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