Is Assisted Living The Right Option For Your Loved One?

Is assisted living the right option for your loved one? This isn’t an easy question to answer. But, the good thing is that you don’t have to decide alone. Confide in your loved ones doctors, friends and other family member, and weigh out the pros and cons. Your final decision will hinder on answering two very important questions: (1) why do you believe assisted living is the right option for your loved one and (2) can everyone involved benefit from this transition?

Benefits of Assisted Living

is assisted living the right optionSenior communities such as Stellar, offer professional and convenient care twenty-four hours a day. This can be of great benefit for your family, because it will take away the stress associated with being caregiver, giving you your life back. And it will also ensure your family member receives the highest quality care, at all hours of the day and night.

Additionally, your senior will also have the opportunity to engage in community events and socialize with others. Neither you, or your loved one, will need to worry about taking medication of time, or maintaining proper nutrition. Your new assisted living facility will offer comprehensive assistance in the home, including a healthy meal plan for an array of dietary needs. This is naturally a huge relief for caretakers, but it can also be a huge relief for your loved ones too. Their new environment will provide the proper health care, and it will also give them the ability to socialize with other senior, and even take up new hobbies.

While it can be easy for your loved one to think settling into an assisted living facility is life ending and demoralizing, we like to think of it as a fresh new start, and the opportunity for new adventure.

At Stellar some of our assisted living lifestyle perks include:

  • Around the clock medical care and attention
  • Daily routines including socials, fitness classes, daily clubs and activities
  • Fresh and healthy meals provided by trained dietitians and chefs, catered to specific dietary needs
  • Rehabilitation
  • Education classes to enrich the mind and soul
  • New friends and relationships
  • A lifestyle free of maintenance and upkeep

How can you help your loved one make this big decision?

Assisted living is only the right option for you and your loved one if everyone is fully on board. You can help your senior make this decision by staying positive. You’ll find that positivity will benefit your loved one as much as you.

As previously mentioned, assisted living communities offer a peace of mind when your loved one starts to age, allowing them to live a more relaxed lifestyle full with social interactions and maintenance free living. If you stay positive and excited the focus can be on the next chapter of your loved one’s life and the encouragement that professional staff will be around to assist in any way possible.

If your loved one suffers from dementia this conversation can be more challenging. Let them know your love for them and that you and medical professionals feel that it is unsafe for your loved one to be on their own. Allow them time to express their emotion and be clear that your concern is only coming from an empathetic place.

If you start the conversation early enough you can discuss the different levels of care offered within senior communities, emphasizing the benefit of aging in place while still healthy. When it comes down to making a decision, visiting is a great first step. Schedule a tour and get started today.


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