Essential Assisted Living Questions To Ask The Staff

Get Informed: Questions To Ask Assisted Living Staff

Spending time with a loved one in assisted living is essential for their well-being and a great way for them to stay connected with their family and friends. While you may not be able to visit daily or weekly, it is important to take time during each visit to check-in with staff on how your loved one is coping with life in their new home.

assisted living questionsThere are key questions you should ask the staff during your visits to get a better understanding of your loved one’s daily life in assisted living. Your loved one can share with you how life is going in their new home but sometimes, they aren’t always as forthcoming as you would like them to be with certain issues, especially those related to physical and mental health.

Some questions to ask assisted living staff, pertaining to health and daily life include:

  1. Has my loved one needed to call for an on-duty nurse and if so, how often does this occur?
  2. Has there been any medical incidents with my loved one such as a fall, forgetting to take their medications or bathroom issues?
  3. Have there been any problems with my loved one’s cleanliness?
  4. Are they getting enough or too much sleep?
  5. How has their meal intake been?
  6. Has there been any change in appetite?
  7. Has their mood changed drastically?
  8. Have they expressed or displayed feeling of loneliness or depression?
  9. Are they adjusting well to their new living arrangement?
  10. Have there been any issues or changes with their living space?
  11. Are they staying socially and physically active?
  12. Are they spending a fair amount of time with other residents or are they keeping mostly to themselves?
  13. Has there been a noticeable decrease in their verbal communication with others?
  14. Do they leave their room regularly?

The above questions are a good start for exploring your loved one’s needs in assisted living and will vary depending on their living situation.

If you or your loved one have any concerns or questions about their living arrangements, bring them to the staff to make certain that someone is informed of these issues. It is a good idea to keep monitoring the situation and make sure that any issues or concerns are addressed and if needed, the appropriate changes occur. After bringing up issues with staff and at your next visit, ask your loved one and staff if the situation has improved or if there is still more that can be done. The staff at Stellar Senior Living will work you and your loved one to address health-related and general matters in order to make life more comfortable in assisted living.

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