Simple Ways To Prepare For Assisted Living Medical Emergencies

Having a loved one reside in an assisted living facility has many benefits, one of which is an on-site staff that will tend to all residents’ needs. Leaving your loved ones in the care of staff involves a great deal of trust and while it is easy to feel that everything will be taken care of in the event of a medical emergency, it is in the best interests of your loved one to be fully prepared should they need emergency care.

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Staff will certainly provide the best care possible in regards to day-to-day life in an assisted living facility, but in when it comes to a medical emergency, it is very rare to have emergency facilities on-site. Because of this, it is crucial that you and your loved one discuss and formulate a plan should they need emergency medical care. Here are a few simple ways you can help senior care staff quickly help your loved one in an assisted living medical emergency.

Assisted Living Emergency Preparation

assisted living medical emergencies1 – Provide a list of all medical contacts for your loved ones, including their primary care doctor.

2 – An up-to-date list of all medications, prescriptions and allergies

3 – List of medical benefits, including the contact information for their medical insurance company

4 – Contact information for all non-medical contacts such as direct family members, friends and, if needed, power of attorney

Now that you’ve provided the important medical information to staff, the next step is to plan how you help the staff safeguard against certain medical emergencies. An assisted living medical emergency is not preventable but there are things you can do to aid staff and your loved one so that all involved can act fast with the shared goal of ensuring they receive quality care.

Assisted Living Medical Emergency Prevention:

1 – An easy-to-read emergency contact list for your loved one. Their list should be in large print and placed in a location they can easily access. Don’t forget to include your own contact information on the list.

2 – An emergency bracelet that clearly lists any medical conditions such as allergies or diabetes.

3 – A medical alert necklace or bracelet that contacts call center specialists directly who will dispatch emergency personnel to provide immediate assistance.

4 – A USB personal medical flash drive loaded with all relevant medical contact information, medical condition and emergency contacts. Having a separate medical drive is a convenient way to store all medical emergency information in one easy to access place.

Communicating with your loved one and our staff about your emergency medical plan will ensure that everyone is on the same page. It is important to the staff at Stellar Senior Living communities that we are aware of your loved one’s needs and we strive to provide the best care possible. Our staff is happy to meet with you to discuss any and all medical emergency plans for your loved one.


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