How To Stay In Touch With An Assisted Living Resident

The big moving day in now complete and you’re sadly saying goodbye to your loved one so they can settle into their new home. The moments after helping them finish their move into assisted living can be bittersweet as you enter a new chapter of their life and your relationship with them. Whether you’re 10-minutes away or a few states away, staying connected to your loved one will help them ease into their new environment, and also strengthen your ability to support them. Here are some ideas to stay in touch with a new assisted living resident, in-person and from afar.

4 Ways To Stay In Touch In Assisted Living

1 – Checking in With Staff

Making sure there is a clear line of communication between you and the staff at the assisted living facility will ensure that you know of any new needs or updates. Getting to know the people who care for your loved one will help strengthen your connections to their community and also show your care and commitment to their comfort there.

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2 – Setting up Visits

Set up a visiting schedule with the independent living assisted living resident 1resident you love. That you can commit to throughout the year so that there is always another visit to look forward to. Even if the time span in between visits are longer than hoped, having a marker of an impending visit will bring joy to both of you. Having a realistic plan ahead of time will help set expectations and also allow time to brainstorm ideas on how to communicate in between in-person time. During your visits, plan to stay for a meal, an activity, or in any way integrate yourself into their routines. Getting to know their new friends and making new memories there will help create new bonds to them and their community.

3 – Connect online as much as possible

Before completing the move, help your loved one set up some devices so that you could easily connect through Skype, phone, or email. Download the apps needed and show assisted living resident 2them how to use them to reach you, send you a picture, or watch a show. Staying connected with your loved one through technology will greatly help prevent isolation and also close gaps between your time apart. You can easily send them a funny video and they can easily email you about a new friend they made. Furthermore, using video chat to see each other will make it feel like you’re still a part of their daily life.

4 – Do a Project Together

One of the best ways to maintain connection despite distance or tight schedules is to build a project or complete a quest together. Whether it’s a simple mission like snapping a picture each day and sending it to each other or something more involved like completing a list of movies together, the anticipation and thrill of making progress on anything together will bring you and your loved one closer together. Try this: Bring a picture of a favorite memory together each time you visit and add it to a photo book. Write a note to go along with it so that your loved one can read it whenever they miss you and have something to browse and look forward to.

In today’s world, staying in-touch with an assisted living resident is simple. Set the schedule and ideas that ignite your creativity and help your loved one feel your support at all times. Creating a combination of activities, projects, visits, and online traditions will help you both express your ongoing love and presence.

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