3 Brain Boosting Activities For Seniors To Do Daily

Staying mentally sharp can take a little extra work in your later years, but certainly is easier with the care of community living. In fact, keeping in mind that the brain is a muscle, strengthens the need of consistent challenges and engagement to keep your brain and mind healthy. Luckily, there are countless activities for seniors to do to maintain mental elasticity. Here are three brain boosting activities for seniors to try right away:

1 – Get a good night’s sleep

Getting a good night’s rest can be more and more challenging as we age, but it’s one of the most important brain boosting activities for seniors to do regularly. Not only can this affect your mood and ability to do things you enjoy when you’re awake, but also it can make other activities more difficult.

Try this: Build a bedtime routine that can train your mind to wind down and get ready for a restful night of sleep. A few ideas are to try meditating, journaling, or reading a chapter of a book. If this is especially tricky for you, try out a few different combinations and times that you do this each day. Isolating the factors that contribute to sleeping well will help you prioritize them now and in the future. The power of a routine that maximizes your sleeping mind is that over time, you can retain and enjoy more in the hours that you’re awake.

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2 – Try new thingsbrain boosting activities for seniors

Exploration is one of the most timeless ways to keep your mind engaged, active, and promote healthy aging. When you do, learn, or see something new, your brain re-wires nerve cells about the new task or experience. Over time, the neurons become stronger and stronger even during the time you spend sleeping or doing something else. So listen to a new song, learn a new dance, or explore a new place. Find something new to activity to do each week, even if it seems insignificant on its own.

Collectively, the new experiences will help your mind re-organize new information, and stay naturally adaptable. Who knew brain boosting activities would be so fun?

3 – Play games

It may have been a while since you were encouraged to play games, but retirement is the perfect time to find a few that you like. Crosswords, puzzles, or interactive games challenge the brain by locating patterns, word associations, or building new connections. To liven it up further, breed a healthy dose of competition by doing an hour a day of solo games and charting your progress.

Then, test your confidence at group game night and enjoy the camaraderie of socializing and teamwork. Or challenge your friends to a daily Mahjong tournament? Even simple games and community activities can drive away loneliness, build stronger memories, and promote lasting brain health at the same time.

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