5 Assisted Living Safety Tips You Must Know

Assisted living facilities offer a protected environment with many perks, allowing seniors to get the most out of retirement. Loved ones can expect to be social with staff and neighbors and enjoy some privacy in the comfort of their own apartment. Making sure your loved ones are safe will make you feel at ease and allow for an independent lifestyle. Put your mind at ease by using the following assisted living safety tips.

Assisted Living Safety Tip 1 – Keep a Clean and Clutter Free Home

Remove any opportunity for your loved one to fall- this includes electrical cords and excess belongings. Move them behind furniture, tape down loose cords or move any objects to areas that aren’t walked through regularly.

assisted living safetyAssisted Living Safety Tip 2 – Be Aware of Your Loved One’s Everyday Routine

Try keeping an eye on what your loved one is up to for a few weeks. This can tell you a lot about your family member’s strengths and weaknesses throughout the day. Perhaps you notice him/her bump into an end table, or trip over a rug corner repeatedly. These items may not look dangerous, but not you know they’re dangerous for your loved one. And this is handy information you relay to the assisted living staff to ensure your loved one stays safe.

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Assisted Living Safety Tip 3 – Have Easy Access to a Call Button

If you’re worried about a senior in your life, you might consider getting them a call button. Ask the assisted living facility if they can install one in their bedroom, bathroom or other common area. If this is not an option within your community a lanyard or wrist button will allow for assistance at any location of their home.

Assisted Living Safety Tip 4 – Examine Fire Detectors and Alarms

Detectors can save a life by checking for smoke or carbon monoxide. Make sure the assisted living facility you’re considering makes a point to check the smoke detectors at regular intervals.

Assisted Living Safety Tip 5 – Know the Plan in Case of an Emergency

Check in with your assisted living providers for the most updated emergency plan. Just in case, you should also discuss the plan with your loved one so they know what to do, and where to go if someone on the staff cannot get to them. Begin the discussion right after they’ve moved in, and walk through the plan a few times to make sure your loved one is 100% confident.

Safety is imperative in any living space, so it should definitely be a priority for the assisted living community you choose.

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