Independent Living Community Services & Care

If you’re a senior in good health, continuing to live an independent life is incredibly important. If you’d like a way to transition into communal living, and you’re looking for an active and autonomous lifestyle, you’ll want to choose a well-aligned independent living community. Every senior communities is very different, so it’s vital to explore and research these details before making a decision. Here are some of the services you’ll want to make sure your independent living community offers, before you say yes.

5 Things To Look For In Independent Living

1 – Communal Services

If activity and community is important to  you, be sure to ask what kinds of social services the facility includes. Some independent living facilities host sponsored events and group activities, which provide fun and light-hearted interactions for their community. If you’re the type of senior that wants the opportunity to stay engaged socially, mentally and physically, events & activities are things you’ll want to check out.

2 – Medical Servicesindependent living community

Medical support services vary at an independent living community, ranging from limited services to none at all. It’s important to consider the medical needs you have no, as well as those you might have in the future. Perhaps discuss any health issues that may worsen to determine whether a higher level of care is needed than what is offered at a facility. This will help lessen the possibility of having to transition to another facility at a later time.

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3 – Meal Services

The majority of independent living facilities offer meal plans and dining options. For example, here at Stellar Senior Living, we provide full healthy daily dining plans as well as customized options for those with any dietary restrictions or needs. Finding a facility that covers wholesome food while also keeping an eye on nutritional needs will help keep you feeling nourished from the inside out.

4 – Health & Wellness Programs

In addition to nourishing foods, a facility with a quality wellness program can further enhance your health and vitality going forward. Programs may include nutritional advice, physical fitness classes, mental wellness counseling, or other services.

5 – Transportation Needs

A certain level of transportation needs should be covered by the facility. Be sure to ask what routes their cover and the options they have. Services may include drivers, shuttles, or buses that will take you to local areas to shop, explore, and see their doctor as needed.

6 – Other Support Services

Finally, many independent living communities will have information regarding additional support and future medical care options. Knowing the independent living community procedures and offerings will help you determine whether their level of support fits your long term needs and desires.


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