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Want to learn more general information about assisted living. Learn general senior living vocabulary. Click here to read more about senior housing options and general senior living resources. It should not be hard let us help you make it easier.

Stellar Living Glossary

Understanding medical terminology can be tedious and difficult. Are you searching for the difference between Alzheimer’s or dementia, or just looking to understand certain terms better? Look no further. We’ve put together an easy-to-understand glossary, compiled with common words associated with elder health care. Each definition is simple and straightforward. Click on a term to...

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Top 3 Senior Housing Options Compared Side By Side

Senior Living: A Guide For Choosing Senior Housing When it comes to senior housing, there are many options available and each one offers a different level of care, dependent on the individual’s needs. The decision to move into senior housing is often a difficult one and there are numerous factors to consider when choosing the...

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