Top 3 Senior Housing Options Compared Side By Side

Senior Living: A Guide For Choosing Senior Housing

When it comes to senior housing, there are many options available and each one offers a different level of care, dependent on the individual’s needs. The decision to move into senior housing is often a difficult one and there are numerous factors to consider when choosing the right housing. Level of care needed, housing costs, and lifestyle are just a few of the things you and your loved one will discuss when choosing housing.

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Top 3 Choices In Senior Housing

1 – Independent Living Communities

Independent living communities, also known as senior senior housingapartments, are for those individuals who do not require a high level of care. These communities are typically for those seniors aged 55 and above and give seniors greater independence than other kinds of senior housing. These are fully equipped, private apartments at market rate in a community setting. This housing option is ideal for those who do not need help with daily activities and prefer to live near and participate in activities with other seniors.

2 – Assisted Living Communities

An assisted living community is a housing option for those who require assistance with daily activities and a slightly higher level of care than an independent living community can offer. Assisted living communities are comprised of apartments and single rooms and have on-site staff 24-hours a day. In addition to round-the-clock care, these communities provide daily meals and recreational activities. This is good housing option for daily assistance along with some level of independent living.

3 – Nursing Home

Nursing homes offer the highest level of medical care with licensed nursing staff available 24-hours a day. Those who require long-term care and those who need short-term rehabilitative care can reside in nursing homes. Residents typically reside in a shared room with at least one roommate. Many of these facilities offer some of the same amenities as independent living and assisted communities such as recreational activities and meal options. A nursing home is the best option for those who require a higher level of care but do not need hospitalization.

How To Determine Senior Housing Needs?

There are many choices for senior housing and choosing housing is dependent on an individual’s needs and capabilities. If one is unable to go about their daily lives without assistance, an assisted living community is better option than an independent living community due to the services and level of care available. Assisted living communities provide monitored care but still give residents a sense of autonomy. Nursing homes deliver greater specialized care than independent living and assisted living can provide. Schedule a consultation with the Stellar Senior Living staff to help determine the best housing option that best suits your needs.

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